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How we are providing care while keeping our community safe


Currently, we are unable to accept an appointment if:

  1. You've traveled out of Manitoba or Western Canada in the last 14 days or been in contact with someone who has.

  2. You are experiencing cold or flu-like symptoms such as cough, fever, runny nose, sore throat, weakness or aches.

  3. Have been around anyone with the above symptoms.

  4. Have been asked by a healthcare professional our authorities to self-quarantine.

We will contact clients the day before their appointment to ask the above questions.

Safety Procedures

  • Hand sanitizer in waiting area and each room.

  • As always, diligent disinfecting and cleaning will be done between each client in treatment rooms, main areas, handles and light switches.

  • Come alone to your appointment if at all possible.

  • Face masks worn by therapists by choice or if asked by client. You may bring your own face mask. Reusable or even bandana will do if you'd like.

  • Appointments will be staggered so that no more than one client is in main areas at any time.

  • Waiting area will not be used. Clients will be asked to wait in their car until they receive a text or call to come in. They will then go straight into the treatment room. 

  • CASH/CHEQUE NOT ACCEPTED if at all possible! We have a terminal where we will accept card payments preferably via tap transaction. 

  • Filtered water will be available in a disposable cup upon request. Please ask your therapist if you would like a cup of water.

Cancellation Policy does not apply to sick cancellations but PLEASE contact us as soon as you can if you notice symptoms so that we can offer your appointment spot to someone else waiting for treatment.



  • Blue Cross

  • Blue Cross Medavie

  • Cooperators

  • Equitable Life Canada

  • NexGenRx

  • Greenshield

  • SSQ Insurance

  • Empire Life

  • Sunlife

  • Manulife

  • Canada Life (Formerly Great West Life)

  • Johnston Group

  • Maximum Benefit

  • Chamber of Commerce

  • Group Insurance

If you have insurance that we bill to and would like to participate in direct billing, please bring your member card and Dr prescription (if required by your insurance) along to your appointment.



Select services can only be booked with specially trained therapists. These therapists are listed under the description.

Back Massage


Therapeutic Massage is a treatment based massage. It includes initial tests and assessments of musculoskeletal structures before developing a treatment plan fitted to your needs. Specific techniques are used to treat muscular, skeletal and fascial imbalances. Stretching, strengthening, intrinsic and extrinsic techniques may be used in addition to massage in order to lengthen or stabilize musculature to provide joints with a full range of motion.

Back Massage


This massage has the purpose of relaxation and stress reduction. To achieve this, Swedish massage techniques are performed to flush tissues of lactic acid and increase oxygen flow in the blood. The stimulation of the skin and nervous system reduce the emotional and physical stress you may be experiencing.

Massage Salts


Therapists who perform Rib Mobilization have been trained in the anatomy and kinesiology of the ribcage. They have specialized training in the specific dysfunctions of ribs and how to access and safely treat them.

Rib dysfunctions can present as shoulder, neck and back pain, pain breathing, numbness or tingling into arms or hands, etc.

Trained Therapists

- Miranda Elias

-Tim Wiebe

Head Massage


Also known as the temporomandibular joint, is the joint that connects your jaw to your skull. It's involved in many repetitive activities throughout our days, such as chewing, talking and often teeth clenching, grinding, or leaning on your jaw. Dysfunction in the TMJ can arise from any of these in overuse or through trauma, dental problems, stomach sleeping, and many others. 
Your therapist can help relieve the headaches and pain that may be present from TMJ dysfunction. Some of this treatment is performed to the outer structures while part is treated intra-orally as some muscles are only accessible from inside the mouth. Gloves are worn for hygienic reasons during the intra-oral portion.
Your therapist may perform treatment of the TMJ during a normally scheduled massage or, if your dysfunction is more severe, they may recommend you book specific TMJ appointments closer together in order to return the TMJ to a healthy state.



Lymphatic Massage is a gentle, rhythmic massage treatment performed by a therapist to stimulate the circulation of lymph around the body. This helps to rapidly speed up the removal of wastes and toxins from a sluggish lymphatic system. Lymphatic massage can also aid in the prevention of swelling after injury or surgery. It is also thought to provide a major boost to your immune system.

You could benefit if you experience swollen legs or arms due to fluid retention, swelling of a limb: pre or post-surgery, post-mastectomy or post cancer treatment, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, recurrent infections such as colds, flu, tonsillitis & sinus infections.

Trained Therapist

- Heidi Bueckert

Hot Stone Massage


Hot Stone Massage uses smooth basalt stones, warmed in hot water, which are placed on, under or beside the body. The stones are also used in the massage process, resulting in a deeply relaxing experience.

The warmth of the stones relaxes deep muscles and tissues which makes it effective in relieving pain, tension, or problem with stress and sleep.

Trained Therapist

- Heidi Bueckert



30 minute - $45+GST

45 minute - $60+GST

60 minute - $75+GST

75 minute - $90+GST

90 minute - $105+GST

No Hot Stone or Cupping available during COVID-19 pandemic.

Massage Therapy with Cupping

Additional $5 to any massage length

Hot Stone Massage

90 minute - $125+GST

Student Massage

60 minute - $35+GST

Image by Toa Heftiba


We require 24 hours notice for cancelling an appointment. 

Clients will be charged full appointment cost if cancellation notice is less than 24 hours or if the appointment is missed without any notice.

If you are able to fill your appointment spot with someone else when you cancel, you will not be charged the cancellation fee.

Cancellation Policy DOES NOT APPLY to sick cancellations but PLEASE contact us as soon as you can if you notice symptoms so that we can offer your appointment spot to someone else waiting for treatment.



Get to know us & our growing team




Miranda is the founder of Winkler Massage Therapy and Co-Owner with her husband Michael Elias.

She is a 2017 graduate of Wellington College of Remedial Massage Therapies. She is passionate about therapeutic treatment of dysfunctional tissues and structures while educating her clients throughout the rehabilitative process.

Miranda specializes in neck treatment, TMJD treatment, myofascial release, and rib mobilization. She is knowledgeable and devoted to finding the root cause of your pain so that she can help you return to feeling great and doing what you love.

*Miranda Elias is not currently taking new clients, please book with one of our other excellent therapists!



Tim is a skilled and knowledgeable therapist, ready to take on any musculoskeletal dysfunction. He is excellent at explaining these dysfunctions and helping clients understand their body. He has developed a specialized interest in low back and rib dysfunctions. Tim looks forward to helping you get back into your game, whether that's your ADLs at work, home or sports.

Tim is fluent in Spanish and Low German.

Mon 3pm-9:30pm

Tues 3pm-9:30pm

Wed 8am-2:30pm

Thur 3pm-9:30pm

Fri    8am-1:30pm



Heidi is a 2019 graduate of Wellington College of Remedial Massage Therapies. She is trained in hot stone, pre/post sports massage, deep tissue techniques and specializes in lymphatic drainage. Heidi excels at helping her clients understand their dysfunctions and how they can benefit from therapeutic treatment. She is a compassionate therapist who uses assessment and a variety of techniques which are specific to each client and their needs, to determine the root cause of pain and help them feel their best.

Mon 9am-3pm

Tues 9am-3pm

Wed 9am-3pm Alternating

Thur 3pm-8:30pm

Fri    9am-3pm Alternating



Nathan graduated from the Wellington College of Remedial Massage Therapies in 2017. His main goal for each client is pain and stress relief so they are better able to enjoy their daily activities. He achieves this through a thorough assessment process to create a treatment plan specific for each client. He enjoys shoulder and neck treatments and also has personal experience dealing with neuromuscular conditions as a family member has multiple sclerosis.

Mon 3pm-9:15pm

Tues 9am-3pm

Wed 9am-3pm

Thur 9am-3pm



Celina is a 2020 graduate from the Evolve College of Massage Therapy with a passion to help her clients better understand their bodies, pain, and dysfunctions with thorough assessment, testing, and remedial exercise. 

She is trained in therapeutic massage techniques, myofascial release, trigger point release, METs, joint mobilization, and Swedish Massage. She would love to help you get back to your activities of daily living, pain-free, and would love the opportunity to be a part of your health journey!

Mon 9am-3pm

Tues 3pm-8:30pm

Thur 3pm-8:30pm

Fri    9am-3pm



We are thrilled that our students decided to dive into full time school this year but sadly this does mean they will not be with us over fall and winter. Stay tuned to see where they'll be this spring!

Meghan has always had a heart for people, working as a Health Care Aide in Tabour Home. This brought her to this new career as she values building relationships and caring for others. She’s more than equipped to take great care of you.



We are thrilled that our students decided to dive into full time school this year but sadly this does mean they will not be with us over fall and winter. Stay tuned to see where they'll be this spring! 

Adrienne is passionate about helping others in ways they can’t themselves. Massage Therapy felt like a perfect fit to care for people and put their needs first. Adrienne is looking forward to meeting you and being a part of your health and wellness!


Winkler Massage Therapy is focused on giving every client the highest standard of professional care. We are passionate about therapy and rehabilitation and aim to help everyone achieve body awareness and wellness through treatment and education about your body from your therapist.



301-191 Kimberly Road,

Winkler MB, Canada R6W 0H7




301-191 Kimberly Road,

Winkler MB, Canada R6W 0H7

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